Why I love hypnotherapy

Well here is my first attempt at a blog post!  I’ve been inspired to get on with it having spent some time with some lovely Bristol Bloggers last week!  I am an avid reader of blogs and was pondering about posting on my Facebook page… and instead I am blogging!

So maybe you are wondering “why this subject first and not a blog about being an aromatherapist or how much I love Neal’s Yard Remedies?”  Well of course my first passion is my daughter (shhh don’t tell my husband!)…  Recently I “lost” my daughter Georgina for a while – well in fact for about 18 months or so.  The confident, happy, gregarious, school loving child turned into a fearful, angry, almost neurotic individual who didn’t want to do anything that was remotely exciting as it was too scary.  She didn’t want to go to school, constantly had IBS like pains in her tummy (I can do another post about reflexology for this!), wouldn’t go anywhere if there were dogs there, had friendship troubles etc etc… you get the picture!  This all seemed to stem from an unpleasant incident with a dog and from that point on she became terrified of dogs, even though she secretly loved dogs and still missed our old dog Megan, a 14 year old cocker who we said goodbye to a couple of years ago.

So mummy is at her wits end – as an experienced primary teacher I had plenty of knowledge of handling behaviour issues and I should be able to manage this one shouldn’t I?  (note to self – do not use should or could…)  Well actually.. no I couldn’t.  It all came to a head when about 6 weeks before we were due to go off to France to spend 5 weeks with some friends, she started saying she didn’t want to go!  I was initially confused and annoyed as she had been saying how much she was looking forward to it, but I have since discovered that the fear that she carried was so intensely embarrassing, she was unable to truly express the real reason she didn’t want to go: they have two big black dogs (very lovely family dogs – but hey still 4 legged fiends).

So after a while things began to get more and more difficult and I decided that it was time to take action.  I had met Clare Hancock at an event some time ago and it just so happened that I found myself in her living room pouring out my heart and so she cleared a diary space to be able to see my daughter with a view to having as many sessions as we could fit in before we went to France.  Not that much time….

This blog is to say thank you to Clare, as Georgina not only survived the holiday, but became very confident around my friends’ dogs and also several other dogs that she met whilst we were away.  The acid test was upon our return: We went to visit a friend who has two dogs to see the kittens that will be coming to live with us in a few weeks time.  She was a bit anxious – but was able to articulate that fear, and within minutes she was stroking and patting away!  Last week she went on a school trip – you know one of those outward bound types where they do all sorts of fun things like kayaking, zipwire, climbing etc!  I was dreading it as she was terrified!  Chatting to her headteacher yesterday – I heard yet again how she had been using the skills that Clare had taught her to overcome her fear and this has given her such a lot of confidence!  She has even applied to be school councillor and is very excited as today is the day they vote!  Finally yesterday, I knew it was going to be ok as she went to her friend’s house next door for a play date – something which she hasn’t done for over a year because of the dogs!

So if you need some help to overcome a problem with your physical or mental wellbeing, I would wholeheartedly recommend hypnotherapy and definitely the lovely Clare Hancock who is based in Warminster, Wiltshire. Thank you Clare – my daughter is back!  I guess I should also say thank you to Rico and Misty too – the canine duo!

Clare’s website:  http://www.obeliskhypnotherapy.co.uk/

Me and my dog...  July 2012
Me and my dog…
July 2012




6 thoughts on “Why I love hypnotherapy”

  1. This was such a lovely read Sue , and a big well done to Georgina for saying yes and having the courage to have a hypnotherapy treatment/s . looking forward to reading your next blog guess courage is something mother and daughter have in common !

    1. Ah bless her – sure there must be something that can be done! Hypnotherapy for dogs is my next google! I can’t think why I didn’t share this post with you! x

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