Why I love to do events with my business…

Yesterday (Saturday 21st) I attended The Finlay Foundation​ Spring Fair.  I’ve been doing these events for a couple of years now and love attending, not least because they are such a fantastic bunch of warm and friendly people and always put on a great spread of food to offer! Those who know me, will realise how important this is!  I’m never organised enough to get myself packed up for an event AND sort lunch.  A feast of home-made cakes and bacon butties at lunchtime – gets me there everytime!

However more seriously –  I’m always struck by the strength and courage of the family who organise this event – particularly Niki Connor who is an awesome lady for whom I have total and utter admiration.  Every time I talk to her, I think about my own daughter and wonder whether I would be inspired to do the things that she has done in the light of a tragic accident. The empathy is almost painful  and I have to confess to shedding a tear as I write this…  Finlay’s memory is the driving force for the Foundation and in his name lots of money is raised for the benefit of many children.  See here for more information.

83aa1f63b1f8c686ce627fb7272989b1I have also had the pleasure this time of being right next to the lovely Jenna Higgins​, who has this amazing business. Her range of children’s art and craft kits – self designed are wonderful – driven by a desire to make something which is not plastic, interesting yet appealing to children. I have bought a purple decoupage rabbit kit for my daughter for Easter and I do not consider £15 to be expensive for a lovely kit. Check out her Facebook page – give her a like and buy one for the children in your life!

Her product range appeals to me because I really like things which aren’t plastic filled, junky or mega overpriced, filled with dodgy environmentally unfriendly components. These are beautifully designed, great prices and next time I need a present for a birthday party, I’m definitely going to be getting one of these!

Another stallholder that I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time was Jane Gooding of PicpackNaddywak.  Her freehand machine embroidery attracted my attention immediately I arrived and I wanted to buy it all!   Her Facebook page is here.  So I now have all kinds of lovely gift ideas for others and a little something for myself too 😉  No longer need to go and buy something naff not so nice AND get to support some amazing, hard working small business entrepreneurs who deserve to have their products everywhere!

Happy sunny Sunday everyone.  Sue x


4 thoughts on “Why I love to do events with my business…”

  1. A lovely blog Sue, thank you for such kind words. Finlay was a beautiful little boy, he had a gorgeous soul and it is when I am doing these sorts of events or donating to children that I feel his presence even more. Thank you again Sue xxx

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