The Benefits of being a Therapist Consultant for NYR Organic

I have been a consultant with NYR Organic since February 2012 and I joined initially for the 25% discount for my personal use as I had loved the blue bottles for many years!  At the time I was also training to be a therapist as I’d decided that there was no likelihood of me ever returning to my previous job as a deputy head in a primary school!  I had no idea how to run a business and was very much out of my comfort zone…  However, one thing I did know – that I loved the quality organic products, the ethics of the company and the holistic focus.  At the time, I had no idea how useful joining NYRO would be – both personally and professionally. 

I am passionate about helping people; and working with clients to support them on their journey to health and wellbeing is a wonderful privilege.  Working with team members is equally rewarding as I support them in the growth of their businesses, fully understanding the therapist perspective.  Running a successful business is very important to me as I want to make my therapy business my livelihood and that is what NYRO has enabled me to achieve.  Clients don’t mysteriously turn up in your newly set up therapy room – it takes time and effort to build a client base and the skill set to do this doesn’t always come naturally to therapists! 

I often ask my team members “Do you want to do this as a hobby or a job?  If you don’t earn enough, you may have to do something else that doesn’t make your heart sing to pay the bills!”   Often the response is: “But I can’t sell…” … no neither could I.  In fact I still don’t consider myself “selling” anything when I recommend a product which I know will help with a particular condition – it’s no different to selecting one of your therapy skills and using that to help resolve a problem.  A friend once pointed out to me that we are all “selling the idea of ourselves” all of the time.  We connect with our11041819_10152768969860959_194820835845440051_n clients and they return to us because the relationship works.  Having a range of holistic products is another way of supporting health and wellbeing.  I use the products for my treatments and also buy my own products often for free as there are lots of opportunities to claim free shopping when placing orders for yourself and your clients.  That offsets the costs in my therapy business and when clients buy products for home use, it increases my income so I don’t have to work all hours massaging – therefore enabling me to give the best of myself to my clients without exhausting myself!

Being a therapist can be isolating – unless you work in a clinic with lots of others.  We are often working as sole traders and can struggle to build a support network for ourselves.   Belonging to NYRO means I’m part of something that brings me together with others who have similar ideas and values, yet being completely independent, I know that it’s my business and I can choose!  There is no pressure or requirement to do anything other than what you wish.  No minimum orders or contractual ties other than those which ensure you conduct yourself in a professional manner!  Just lots of support and encouragement to make it work for you.  The process of determining the needs and wants of my clients is the same as meeting the needs of my customers and my team members.  It is all about choice, desire and the need of the individual.  

All training is free – I personally deliver a monthly meeting at my home in Westbury and regularly attend the monthly team meetings in Bath and local team meetings are all over the UK. There are opportunities to attend face to face corporate training, listen to conference calls, webinars, online forums and groups to belong to for support and information.  If you wish to do events, parties or workshops this is also a great way to build your pool of possible clients and customers.  You can take orders from clients and using the products in your therapies will mean that clients become customers thus increasing your income! 

Don’t Diss Parties was the tongue in cheek sub-title of a training session at one of the conferences I attended – many therapist consultants have realised it is an opportunity to advertise their business for free, earn some money and meet new clients.  Each time I do a party, I pick up several repeat customers and one or two new clients.  Team members also often become clients!  Hourly rate is good too if your party goes well!  Flyers through letter boxes don’t really cut it when people are looking for a therapist.  Word of mouth works well, but you do have to have clients to begin with.  So meeting and connecting with people at parties and events, really helps to build your client base at any point in the timeline of your business – whether you need to start at the beginning or revitalise it!  Oh… and it’s fun and a great opportunity to spread the word about organic products!

I love being part of an award winning, internationally recognised, campaigning brand that produces premium quality, British products (see Good Shopping Guide).   A truly environmentally sustainable business that is ethical to the heart, NYR is the 2015 winner of the innovation award in the supply chain category of the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards.   trolley £95

The low cost starter kit of £95 worth over £200, comes with your own free personalised website which always remains free.  

Please get in touch on 07968 3378948 or email me at If you’ve already decided follow the link to join my team!  

I look forward to welcoming you.

Sue x


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