Why arnica salve is one of my favourite NYR products

StoreImageServerThis amazing little pot has been my saviour on many occasions and I have used it myself for a whole variety of purposes.  I recommend this to almost all of my clients – particularly if they are suffering pain and inflammation and I have always got at least 5 pots on the shelf as clients find it a great product to use at home being highly effective and so easy to apply. Also a very popular product amongst my therapist and non-therapist team members and one customer who is a reflexologist uses this product a lot in her treatments.  

I’ve used it personally when I’ve a muscle spasm in my back, sciatica, muscle strain, plantar fasciitis, stiff neck and have clients who use it for rheumatic and arthritic pain. A stimulating salve to massage into muscles before and after exertion – so great for those who regularly participate in sporting or physical activity as well as those with pain.  

As an aromatherapist I am fully aware of the analgesic, anti-inflammatory action of lavender, ginger and rosemary essential oils and combined with arnica which is well known for use with bruising and soothing comfrey – it is a fantastic combination.  

Seaweed & arnicaCoupled with Seaweed and Arnica foaming bath with organic infusions of mineral-rich seaweed, juniper and comfrey, combined with essential oils of lemon, lavender, pine, juniper and therapeutic arnica extract to soak away any aches and pains.  If you’ve no bath, use it to soak your feet!  

Please note: My views are my own and do not constitute medical advice.  If you have any health conditions that have not already been assessed, I strongly recommend that you seek your Doctor’s advice.

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