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Therapy appointments are now available!  From the beginning of November I am back doing treatments and in the process of updating my brand new website with some fabulous new ones.  I’ve recently done some more aromatherapy training in the use of essential oils with arthritis and now my brand new on-site massage chair has arrived, I will have some exciting news for office workers in my local area!

My desire is to empower those who would like to embrace a more holistic approach to health and well-being and look at ways to make living less stressful.  I am passionate about holistic therapies and nature’s remedies and look forward to a time when our healthcare system is more integrative – utilising both conventional medicine and holistic therapies to best suit the individual in their journey to wellness. 

I have observed the effects of long term stress in myself and others and taking time to nurture yourself with some self care and “me-time” can help to ease many of the mental and physical health problems that can result from overwork and anxiety for example.  So many of us are afflicted with the ill effects of stress – unable to relax, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, high blood pressure, digestive problems, panic attacks, reduction of immunity and all number of other conditions, many of which are not dealt with particularly well by a conventional treatment approach.  


How I can help…

Essential oils are my passion and I use them for many things – see my blog posts for some ideas for introducing them into your life!  Aromatherapy massage has helped me to relax and I have found so many things which I have been able to treat using essential oils. For example, athletes foot has plagued me on and off over recent years and now I have found a blend of essential oils which works within hours to relieve the itching and soreness!  If you do not wish to receive massage – why not come for a consultation and take home a blend of oil, lotion, balm or a bath/shower product to support your wellbeing at home.

I am qualified in many different forms of massage and if you would like a relaxing treatment then why not choose an aromatherapy massage, indian head massage or an holistic facial?  If you have a specific area that is causing you some discomfort such as back, shoulders or legs I can use some of my advanced massage techniques to relieve your symptoms.  Perhaps you are a pregnant and would like a soothing massage – I’ve done extra training in pregnancy massage and in the use of essential oils in pregnancy and childbirth.

Please take a look around – there is a lot of information about my treatments, NYR Organic and my blog is full of an eclectic mix of what interests me – and I hope you will find it interesting too!  Please follow my blog to get the latest one straight into your inbox.  

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