About NYR Organic

I have been a consultant with NYR Organic (the direct selling channel of Neal’s Yard Remedies) since February 2012.  I am now a Group Leader and support a team of almost 500 who love the contents of the blue bottles and what they represent as much as I do.  I use all the products in my treatments and I have a range that I can trust and feel confident to recommend to my clients.

NYRO is extremely versatile and flexible and suits individuals in all different kinds of ways – whatever you wish it to be.  You do as little or as much as you like, with no pressure or obligation to do anything more; in a way that suits you.

So which one of these options appeals?

  • You are a therapist who would love to add an organic range of products to use in your treatments and sell to your clients.  You would like to be able to promote your business not only for free, but earn some money in the process as you increase your client base; (see here for more information from my blog post)
  • an entrepreneur who wishes to build a large business;
  • you enjoy meeting people;
  • you wish to promote a more sustainable and healthy way of living using products which are organic;
  • need some extra income with work that fits around your family life;
  • love the products and want to sell to friends and family;
  • you have a job where you either meet or work with lots of people – easy to hand out a brochure and pass around some sample product, gather in orders and get your own free shopping;
  • want to raise some money for the charity you support;
  • love being part of a campaigning brand that really is 100% ethical: http://www.thegoodshoppingguide.com/ethical-skincare/
  • sell products that are truly sustainable in the supply chain: The 2015 winner of the innovation award in the supply chain category of the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards: Read about NYR ethics herePlease get in touch on 07968 3378948 or email me at sueadlamtherapies@gmail.com.  If you’ve already decided follow the link to join my team!

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