Sorry I’ve been quiet on my blog… here’s the reason!

As many who have been following my Facebook page will know, my lovely mum is very poorly and we have been lucky to be able to look after her at our family home and are grateful for the opportunity to spend some quality time with her.

As you can imagine, I’ve been using essential oils…. a lot! I have mixed Immortelle, Frankincense 19297_10155213419280273_4817676757380708914_nand Myrrh into a base of aloe gel to heal the pressure sores she has at the base of her coccyx as a result of being so painfully thin now. Combined with baby barrier – the skin has remained intact.

I’m also very keen not to catch a cold – so we’ve been using aroma diffusers around the house as a preventative measure.

A couple of days ago it felt very much like I was heading towards one, so I decided to get my Aria diffuser going 24/7 with the NYR Organic Defence Blend – the newest pre-blended essential oil which is effective against most common bacteria and viruses. I like the Aria for this purpose as it is much bigger than the Zen and will diffuse all night whilst I am sleeping and if, like me you need to sleep in the dark, the light switches off and it is completely dark.

Thankfully so far so good – dosed up with vitamin C and Elderberry syrup 🙂

 My mum has a Zen Soto in her room and I’ve been using the Festive Blend because this has Frankincense, Clove, Cyprus, Cinnamon and myrhh a fabulous combination for someone who is sufferinFestive room spray & oilg from COPD and the associated anxiety due to her condition. She loves the light and says the diffusion of the oils helps her to relax. I think the oils have really helped with keeping her chest free of infection as well as helping to humidify the room to help with the associated throat dryness due to 24/7 oxygen therapy. Mum has also developed a liking for eucalyptus pastilles which also help with dry tickly throats.


I hasten to add that all of this has been done alongside the prescribed medication and with the knowledge of the medical professionals that are responsible for her.  I guess as close as you get to integrated healthcare!  Personally, I think there have been a few raised eyebrows and I very much hope that complementary therapy may be viewed in a different way!  

This blog is very much my own view based on my experiences and should not be used as medical advice.