Skin healing properties of Immortelle – Helichrysum italicum

19297_10155213419280273_4817676757380708914_nLast week I read a report on the amazing skin healing properties of Helichrysum italicum and so I put it to the test on my dad who is 84 and has had an undiagnosed skin condition on his lower back which comes and goes, but never completely heals up. So I prepared a 2% blend with some of the amazing Immortelle essential oil in theΒ NYR base lotion, and added a bit of lemongrass just in case there create face & bodywas anything fungal going on too and gave it to him to apply 3 times a day. Within a week his skin has almost completely healed and needless to say he is very happy and I have lots of daughter brownie points πŸ˜‰ Continue reading “Skin healing properties of Immortelle – Helichrysum italicum”